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MirrorSearch (1): Execute (3): communication with server [ 802] doesn't start (using async value 1) while trying to execute the command:
--StartCommunication: communication doesn't start: couldn't open socket: Name or service not known
    invoked from within
"StartCommunication $serverName $urlibPort $async2 $encodingName"--

    while executing
"error "Execute (3): communication with server \[$serverName $urlibPort\] doesn't start (using async value $async2) while trying to execute the command..."
    invoked from within
"if [catch {StartCommunication $serverName $urlibPort $async2 $encodingName} localURLibClientSocketId] {
# puts OK-
# puts --$localURLibClientSocketId-..."
    (procedure "Execute" line 43)
    invoked from within
"Execute $remoteServerAddressWithIP [list GetEncodingName]"
    (procedure "LoopOverEntries" line 471)
    invoked from within
"LoopOverEntries $query2String $type $numberOfEntries $top $path $header $excludedFields 0 $numbering $outputFormat $cellBackgroundColors $page $includ..."
    invoked from within
"if [regexp "^\{<(.*)>\}$" $searchResultList m errorMessage] {
# the search expression has a syntax error
		if $header {
			if [info exists cgi(query)]..."
    (procedure "CreateOutput" line 225)
    invoked from within
"CreateOutput $language $languageRep1 $languageRep2 $query $query2String Search {}  0 $maximumNumberOfEntries $cgi(choice) $header  {^$} 0 {} $cgi(outp..."