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AYORINDE, T. T.; WRASSE, C. M.; TAKAHASHI, H.; GOBBI, D.; FIGUEIREDO, C. A. O. B.; BARROS, D.; LOMOTEY, S. O.; ESSIEN, P.; BILIBIO, A. V.; NYASSOR, P. K. Study on Atmospheric gravity wave propagations in the Troposphere, Stratosphere and Mesosphere using GNSS Satellite Radio Occultation measurements. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE GEOFÍSICA ESPACIAL E AERONOMIA, 8. (SBGEA), , Online. (missing or empty field: 'booktitle') 2021.

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... as proposed by Ayorinde et al. (2021).
... may be found in the literature (AYORINDE et al., 2021).