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Ionospheric plasma bublle and GPS scintillation measurements in south Brazil
Rodrigues, F. S.; Paula, E. R.; Makita, K.; Abdu, M. A.; Sobral, J. H. A.; Iyer, K. N.; Monteiro, S.; Gobbi, D.; Takahashi, H.; Schuch, N. J.

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A new parallel environment for interactive simulations implementing safe multithreading with MP
Rodrigues, E. R.; Preto, A. J.; Stephany, S.

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Simulation of the impacts land use and land cover changes - LUCC on the hydrological response of the Ji-Parana Basin with MGB-INPE model
Rodriguez, D. A.; Tomasella, J.

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Singularity Spectra and Generalized Extreme Value Distributions of Decimetric Bursts Associated with Flares
Rosa, R. R.

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Iron oxide deposited on activated carbon felt for application as a supercapacitor electrode
Rodrigues, A. C.; Silva, E. L.; Marcuzzo, J. S.; Cuña, A.; Gonçalves, E. S.; Baldan, M. R.

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Incipient antiferromagnetism in the Eu-doped topological insulator Bi2Te3
Tcakaev, A.; Zabolotnyy, V. B.; Fornari; I; C.; Ruessmann, P.; Peixoto, T. R. F.; Stier, F.; Dettbarn, M.; Kagerer, P.; Weschke, E.; Schierle, E.; Bencok, P.; Rappl, P. H. O.; Abramof, E.; Bentmann, H.; Goering, E.; Reinert, F.; Hinkov, V.

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Coronal electron density temperature and solar spectral irradiance during solar cycles 23 and 24
Rodríguez Gómes, J. M.; Vieira, L. E. A.; Dal Lago, A.; Palacios, J.

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Finite state-machine verification applied to hybrid systems
Romero, A. G.; Ambrosio, A. M.; Souza, M. L. O.

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The influence of large-scale circulation on fire outbreaks in the Amazon region
Romão Oliveira, M.; Freitas, A. C. V.; Pires, L. B. M.

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