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Downloading the URLibService Environment
Version 2.1

Chapter 2

Downloading the URLibService Environment: Download for SunOS

by Gerald J. F. Banon


The URLibService installation file in this page is for hosts having a fully qualified domain name only.
Upon request to <> you may receive a pre-installed URLibService for hosts without a fully qualified domain name.

URLibService can be installed under several operational systems: Windows (see Chapter 1), SunOS and Linux (see Chapter 3).

You will need a ressource to extract files from a ZIP archive, like the WinZip software, the <PKUNZIP> program for MSDOS or the <unzip> program for UNIX. See the Basic requirements section in Starting URLibService for other requirements.

Up to now, URLibService has been successfully installed under Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 7 and 8.1, Solaris 2.6 and, Mandrake, Conectiva, SuSE, Slackware 8, ubuntu and CentOS distributions of Linux.

Downloading URLibService

The URLibService Environment for SunOS is made of six components.

It is assumed that three of them have already been installed as indicated below.

Component Location
Apache contact: <>
Tcl/Tk /usr/local/bin/tclsh

The three remaining components of the URLibService Environment (also called initial collection) can be downloaded by clicking (in any order) the links below.

Component Size
Zip 2.2: a compression and file packaging utility
(Solaris version)
79 KiB
UnZip 5.32: zipfile-extraction program
(Solaris version)
99 KiB
URLibService* [[lindex [[Execute $serverAddressWithIP [[list ComputeInfo download]] 0]] 0]]

All these components must be saved and extracted to a same directory (for example called <URLib>) that you create in your file system. You must extract one component before downloading the next one.

When extracting the above components, you could be asked to Confirm File Overwrite. To continue just press the Yes to All button.

Even if you have one of this component in your computer, you should download it because, once extracted, it will work as a plug-in for URLibService.

Once you have downloaded and extracted the URLibService Environment, you can start URLibService (see Starting URLibService). At no time, it is necessary to restart your computer.

Updating URLibService

See the Updating URLibService section in Starting URLibService.

* The current URLibService version is:
<[[Eval GetVersionStamp]]>.